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Scratch off Ink & Specialty Coatings

GLC offers Printers, agencies & marketing companies scratch off ink for silver or gold scratch and win cards for prize competitons or marketing promotions. With the option of using a Latex or UV scratch off ink designers can incorporate the scratch off ink into a brochure or scratch card design to offer unique designs, you are not restricted to a square or circle panel.

Rub and Reveal coatings are used largely in promotional marketing and educational sectors. GLC can over print an image with a black ink, when the ink is rubbed with a finger the ink turns clear to reveal an image or text.

GLC possess the abilty to produce a range of specialty coatings such as Bubble Coat, Rub and Sniff, Glow in the Dark, Leather Grain.

Call one of our branches to discuss using specialty coatings on your print job. With over 30 years experience in providing specialty coatings we can help you intergrate specialty coatings into your design to add value to your print job.