Lamination is the application of a thin film over a printed page or card to enhance and protect it.

Some common uses are for annual reports, presentation catalogues and folders, postcards, business cards, and calendars to name a few.

Practically speaking, lamination adds strength, flexibility, and long-term durability to paper and card which prevents aging and signs of wear and tear.

Lamination offers a multi-purpose finish because of its use for design enhancement and aesthetics as well as its practical qualities.

GLC offers several types of lamination depending on the finish you require, such as:

  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Soft touch / Soft touch black / Soft touch gold & silver
  • Scuff-free gloss/matte
  • Silver & Gold
  • Holographic silver & clear
  • Compostable

Gloss Lamination

Gloss lamination is used extensively on magazine covers, postcards, book jackets, annual reports and point-of-sale materials such as posters and displays.

It is also used to highlight vivid colours and is excellent for providing printed products with a quality feel.

Improved laminating technology means laminated products can be foil stamped and glued with most PVA’s or hot melts afterward.

Matte Lamination

Matt lamination is used for all practical purposes listed above with the added advantage of a more sophisticated and elegant finish due to its velvety texture and softer look.

Increasingly, it is being combined with spot UV to highlight certain aspects of design and give a stunning 3D effect that is difficult to portray otherwise.

Specialty Films

Silver and Gold Metallic Lamination

Adhesive metallic laminating presents another exciting development in laminating finishes. Commonly used for upmarket packagings such as cosmetics, perfumes or liquors, this laminating can be printed on afterwards using UV offset or screen inks.

GLC offers silver and gold laminating films for printing on card or paper, so go ahead and create a stunning design to incorporate this.

Holographic Lamination (Silver & Clear)

For something extra special, holographic lamination is used to create eye-catching designs that command attention.

A multi-sparkle Polyester film gives a 3D look, typical of that found on products where manufacturers want to give a high-tech, futuristic impression.

Black Film

GLC now offers black soft-touch laminating film which can be UV printed, foiled or spot UV printed.

Compostable Lamination

GLC are excited to now offer compostable films for print and packaging.

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