Laminations & Packaging

Graphic¬†Lamination and Coatings Ltd is New Zealand’s leading dedicated coating and laminating specialist. With nearly three decades of technical experience in providing finishes that more than meet international standards, we understand the particular needs of the graphic arts and packaging industries in this country.

GLC also offers adhesive laminating which is used predominately in the packaging industry to create tough wearing, classy looking packaging for a range of consumer goods. Adhesive lamination is also used in the food industry where FDA approval is necessary because food comes into contact with packaging, and where packaging must be microwavable.

Metallised Polyester Film

Metallised polyester films are used for two purposes, either to provide a platform for enhanced printing for further design embellishment, such as providing a colour wash over silver or gold or a pattern overlay, or for board that comes in direct contact with food.

Metallised Polyester film is an FDA-approved material used in New Zealand for food packaging and is applicable for products like pizza’s that need a microwavable board base.

The film can be applied to a range of flat board substrates either on long or short pre-printed packaging runs.

Window Laminating

Window laminating is used to create clear windows in packaging where goods are part of the display, particularly fresh food like sandwiches and cakes which have a limited shelf life. This process enables the display of goods in a sealed container providing a hygienic barrier to the atmosphere, while enabling people to choose the packaged food they want.

Window laminating has other packaging applications, particularly where goods need to be displayed while being protected from dust or other contaminants in retail outlets. Windows used for this type of application become part of the overall packaging design such as the use in retail sandwich cartons.

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