Tab Dividers

Our GLC Wellington Branch provide tab dividers or convert your printed sheets into tab dividers.

We can LAMITAB, Spine Reinforce, hole drill , die cut and collate your tabbing job. Please view the helpful hints below

We can help you with tab lay out to ensure that printing is in the correct positon

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Tab Dividers (helpful hints)

  • The LAMITAB application adheres to the board fibres.
  • Uncoated stocks are recommended for tabbing.
  • Recommended stock weights range from 180gsm to 300gsm.
  • For best presentation of tabs, where possible print text in black ink, arial font is recommended.
  • Always supply your stock for tabbing trimmed to finished size, inclusive of the tab extension.
  • Three available Tab sizes: 10mm, 13mm and 15mm  ( 13mm standard size ).
  • Be sure to include overs as there are several different set ups in the tabbing process.
    (100 sets : plus 5% for set up)


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