Wire-O Binding

Wire-O Binding is a popular method for binding a document together while providing durability with a polished, professional look.

Also known as Twin Loop, Double-Loop, Double-O, Duo-Wire, or simply Wire Binding—Wire-O can accommodate pages and inserts of varying thicknesses, including dividers or index tabs.

Unlike spiral or coil binding, Wire-O utilizes pre-formed pairs of wire loops that run along a C-shaped unit. These wire loops are inserted through holes that have been punched through the document’s cover and pages. The loops are then compressed closer together to form a perfect circle. This secures the document while allowing it to open freely.

Wire-O offers the perfect binding solution when it is necessary to interact with the content. Your printed piece can open to a single page with ease and lay flat for convenience.


  • Extremely versatile as bound books or documents can lay flat, or fold into a single page without closing.
  • 360-degree page rotation allows for full bleed printing.
  • More durable and sophisticated in appearance than spiral or coil binding.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors.
  • Ideal for calendars, journals, workbooks, cookbooks, and manuals.

With two auto punches and four automatic closers, GLC is equipped to take on any job, including straight, and skip binds as well as calendars with hangers.


Ring Size: 3:1 Wire Sizes 6.4b mm – 14.3mm
Ring Size: 2:1 Wires Sizes 15.9 mm – 25.4mm

Plastic Spiral Binding

With the first machine of its type in the country, this is a new style of binding with huge practical benefits over other styles.

Coil Sizes: 6 mm – 51 mm

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